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Most of the reports that are shipped with TNA are archived and must first be activated (un-archived) before they can be printed.

Setting up Reports

When the initial Jump Start option window is displayed, select the Reports option and the following window will be displayed.

Select Required Reports - (Step 1)

Click the Choose Reports button and use the arrows to move the Reports that are required for printing from the Archived pane to the Current pane.

Select Required Payroll Export - (Step 2)

Click the Choose Payroll Extract button and use the arrows, move the Payroll Extracts that are required from the Archived pane to the Current pane.

Schedule Reports for Automatic Printing - (Step 3)

To configure the system to print particular reports automatically at a set time, click the Schedule Automatic Reports button and Use the  buttons to add new, change or remove existing time scheduled reports.

Please Note: A clock icon (as shown in the example window above) will be displayed next to the reports that have been scheduled for printing and has not yet been printed.

Updated by Robert de Jager on 5 JUL 2021
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