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Backup Module

This document only applies to the Topspeed versions of Eco Time i.e. the modular version and the Unified edition. For SQL installations the SQL backup function must be used.
This section is aimed at users responsible for making backups of the data and also, if needed, to restore backed up data to the hard drive.
Doing a Backup at least once a day is a VERY GOOD THING. If you do not make backups then you risk losing all your data, which is a BAD THING.
If you are on a network, and your Eco Time data is stored on a network server, then DO NOT rely on the network backup. It never hurts to have an additional copy of the data, and your network may not be able to completely backup data files which Eco Time is using.
This module does not back up your Eco Time program. This is because the original Eco Time installation files can easily be downloaded. This reduces the time it takes to do a backup as only the data, which changes every day, needs to be backed up.

Starting the Backup and Restore Module
To open the backup module, proceed as follows:
Click on the Window's Start button and then go to All Programs/Eco Time,*select the Backup Module* option and the Backup and Restore Module will open.

When the Backup and Restore Module starts, the message “ALERTING TNA SERVER” will be displayed in the toolbar as all the background modules that are used to make Eco Time function (i.e. User, Config and Server Modules) are shut down. This is done so that the system data is not used while a backup or restore functions are being performed.
See the Making a Backup and Restoring a Backup documents for the backup and restore procedures.
Unattended backups
You can use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the backup module to run on a regular basis.
The backup module is a program called Backup32.Exe. This can be found in the same directory as your other Eco Time programs.
Tip: If you're not sure where your Eco Time programs are located, then check the shortcut in the Start Menu. If you Right-Click on the shortcut and select to view it's properties, you'll be able to get the full path to the program.
In order to tell the program to run in unattended mode, you must add the following command line switch: PATH=C:\Backups\
The full command line may look like this:

If you are stipulating a backup path which contains spaces, please encapsulate te whole path within double quotation marks.
"C:\Program Files\TNA\BACKUP32.EXE" /Path="C:\TNA Programs\Backups\"
When using other backup software
You can also using other backup software to backup your Eco Time data, but you need to shutdown Eco Time before this can be done or you risk getting data corruption. It is of course not always possible to do this manually as most backups are scheduled to run late at night. To cater for this Eco Time has a "Quiet Time" setting where it closes all open files during a specified period per day.
To set the Quiet Time, open the Configuration Module and then click on the Server Options icon .
Select the Quiet Time option, enter the start and the end time of the quiet time period and click on Ok.

Please note:This of course also means that you will not be able to access Eco Time during the times specified.
Updated by Robert de Jager on 11 MAY 2022
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