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As an ongoing endeavour, every two weeks a new training video is added to this page. Please take a look at the current videos and keep an eye open for the new ones.

Getting Started

How does Time and Attendance work?
Eco Time Overview
Installing Eco Time/TNA
Jump Start - Explaining it all
Creating Basic Shifts
Eco Time with Impro Hardware
Importing Employee - Generic Format

Using Eco Time

Access Control - Overview
Access Control - Access Rights
Access Control - Areas
Access Control - Timezones
Add, Subtract and Override Daily or Payroll Hours
Adding Leave and Overtime Authorisation
Backups - Creating and Restoring a backup
Bulk Tasks
Classifications & Employee Groups
Daily and Payroll Rostering
Default Reasons
Employee Group Selections
Employee Masterfile - Explaining it all
Fixing Errors and Adding/Changing Clockings
HR Discipline
HR Equipment
HR History
HR Overview
Importing Clockings
Importing Leave
Individual Payroll Codes
Jump Start Classifications
Troubleshooting: When No Clockings are Collected and Public Holiday hours are incorrect
Rostering Copy & Paste Feature
Scheduled Reports
Shift Overrides
Siren Times
Using Lock Dates
Web Access Rights

Setting up a clock

System Features & How to set up a clock
Adding Cards & Enrolling on a CS TimeClock
Employees can't clock & how to set the Date and Time on the device

The Web Interface

Web Interface Overview
Web Interface - Quick Start


Macro Script - Part 1 (Fundamentals of Macro Scripting)
Macro Scripting Part 2 (Basic Macro Scripting)
Configuring Authorisation and using it
Configuring Leave Scales
Users & Access Rights
Filter Groups & Filter Lookups
Reports - Part 1
Reports - Part 2
Configuring Send Email Settings
Assigning Reports
Upgrading TNA6 to Eco Time
Upgrading TNA5 to Eco Time
Upgrading TPS to SQL
Balancing Explained
Rolling Shifts
Rounding Explained
Server Settings
Staggered Shifts

Updated by Robert de Jager on 10 MAY 2022
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