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Eco Web Mobile

Eco Web Mobile is an optional module in Eco Time. It is a small web server that is linked to Eco Time which allows your roaming employees to clock using a smart device.
This module is available on all levels of Eco Time.

Setting up user access

The user's login and password is configured in the User Module.

  1. Open the Browse Employees window
  2. Select the employee and click on Change. The Update Employee window will open.
  3. Select the Web option and enter the login and password in the Web Login and*Web Password* fields.
  4. Click on Ok to save.

Note: if multiple users use the same device to clock, you can set the system to log the user out after a successful clocking with the following setting in the checks.tps file:
LogoutAfterClocking = 1

The mobile interface

The interface can be accessed via a browser on a smart device.

Once the interface has loaded, the user must enter his/her login and password and select the Login button.

The user's last clocking will be shown and he/she can clock in or out using the Clock In or Clock Out buttons.

The mobile menu has the options to Logout or view your clocking history.

The clocking history for the last 7 days will be displayed on screen if the Clocking History option is selected.

Clockings done via the mobile interface will be saved as web clocking in Eco Time.

The GPS co-ordinates of the mobile clockings are logged and can be viewed by the user. To view the clockings on the map for a specified date range, add /clockingsmap to the URL e.g. if the URL to access CS Mobile is http://clock.mycompany.com, change it to http://clock.mycompany.com/clockingsmap.

Updated by Robert de Jager on 10 MAY 2022
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