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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Adding Clockings - how to add/change and remove clockings in Eco Time.
  2. Clockings Sort Order Incorrect - what to do when the clockings are displayed in the wrong order.
  3. Daily and Payroll Tasks - maintaining Eco Time on a daily basis and at payroll.
  4. Data Corruption - what is data corruption, it's symptoms and what can you do to prevent it.
  5. Enter employee leave - how to add leave for an employee in Eco Time.
  6. Extend period Eco Time keeps data for - how do you get Eco Time to keep yur data for more than a year.
  7. Fixing Errors - how to fix errors in Eco Time.
  8. Global Leave Planner Sort Order - viewing the Global leave planner in pre-defined sort orders.
  9. No Clockings - what to do when there are no clockings displayed in Eco Time.
  10. Overtime Authorisation - how to authorise overtime from a holding category.
  11. Passwords - all about Eco Time passwords.
  12. Eco Time Server not in Task Tray - why does the Server module not show in the task tray when you run it as a service.
Updated by Robert de Jager on 10 MAY 2022
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