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This online documentation is for the person installing, managing and using Eco Time.

Documentation is always a work in progress, so keep coming back to see the latest updates for Eco Timers.

New to Eco Time?

We suggest you have a look at the documents Installing Eco Time and Quick Start. You will find instructions on how to quickly add your employees in order to get them clocking, as well as instructions around the basics of using Eco Time.

I am confused about my Eco Time version

In the late 1990's Eco Time's first release was TNA2000 (for very obvious reasons).

After the year 2000 (Y2K) event, the next releases were TNA3, TNA4 and TNA5

Before the following release, the marketing guys told us that changing the product name harms the brand, so we decided to rebrand to Eco Time, which stood for CapeSoft Time and Attendance.

In 2015, we decided to rebrand one last time (hopefully) when we merged with our largest and very successful South African reseller. The reseller was called Eco Time, and as a fitting tribute, we rebranded Eco Time to Eco Time.

If you have and older version than Eco Time, give as a call to upgrade. Eco Time boasts the latest features, free upgrades and world class support from a team who loves customers. Irrespective of your version, these online documents are still for you.

Call us if your startup screen does not look like the screenshot below:

Updated by Robert de Jager on 30 MAY 2022
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